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08:45-09:00 Welcome, Agenda, Goals (HS1)
09:00-10:00 MiniPLoP (SR11)
MeSSa (SR2)
T1 (SR5)
T4 (SR5)
Keynote: Uwe Dumslaff
Keynote: Hans van Vliet
2 parallel paper sessions
10:30-11:00 2 parallel sessions
11:00-12:00 MiniPLoP (SR11)
MeSSa (SR2)
T1 (SR5)
T4 (SR5)
2 parallel paper sessions
2 parallel paper sessions
13:00-13:30 Keynote: Markus Völter
13:30-14:00 MiniPLoP (SR11)
MeSSa (SR2)
T2 (SR5)
T3 (SR12)
T6 (SR5)
Paper session
Tool demos

2 parallel paper sessions
14:00-15:00 2 parallel sessions
15:30-16:00 MiniPLoP (SR11)
MeSSa (SR2)
T2 (SR5)
T3 (SR12)
T6 (SR5)
Keynote: Gregor Hohpe
16:00-17:00 Presentation: Gernot Starke
Research panel (HS1)
17:00-17:30 Industry panel (HS1) Closing session
Best Paper Award (HS1)
18:00-19:00 Birds of a Feather (HS1)


09:15-10:30 Keynote: Hans van Vliet (HS1)
11:00-12:30 Architecture Patterns and Antipatterns (Session Chair: Neil Harrison)

  • Specification and Detection of SOA Antipatterns in Web Services
    Francis Palma, Naouel Moha, Guy Tremblay and Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc
  • Co-evolving Pattern Synthesis and Class Responsibility Assignment in Architectural Synthesis
    Yongrui Xu and Peng Liang
  • Ontology-Driven Pattern Selection and Matching in Software Design
    Tommaso Di Noia, Marina Mongiello and Eugenio Di Sciascio
  • Multi-tenant Architecture Comparison
    Jaap Kabbedijk, Michiel Pors, Slinger Jansen and Sjaak Brinkkemper
Components (Session Chair: Ivica Crnkovic)

  • Enactment of Components Extracted from an Object-Oriented Application
    Abderrahmane Seriai, Salah Sadou and Houari A. Sahraoui
  • Gossiping Components for Cyber-Physical Systems
    Tomas Bures, Ilias Gerostathopoulos, Petr Hnetynka, Jaroslav Keznikl, Michal Kit and Frantisek Plasil
  • A Property Description Framework for Composable Software
    Alexander Frömmgen, Max Lehn and Alejandro P. Buchmann
13:30-15:30 Architecture Decisions and Knowledge (Session Chair: Matthias Galster)

  • A Fresh Look at Codification Approaches for SAKM: A Systematic Literature Review
    Rainer Weinreich and Iris Groher
  • Suitability of Software Architecture Decision Making Methods for Making Group Decisions
    Smrithi Rekha V. and Henry Muccini
  • Modeling the Interactions between Decisions within Software Architecture Knowledge
    Mohamed Soliman and Matthias Riebisch
  • Semi-Automated Design Guidance Enhancer (SADGE): A Framework for Architectural Guidance Development
    Mohsen Anvaari and Olaf Zimmermann
  • Combining Architectural Design Decisions and Legacy System Evolution
    Sebastian Gerdes, Steffen Lehnert and Matthias Riebisch
Tool demos session (Session Chair: Rich Hilliard)
(HS2 and adjacent area)

  • Capturing and Making Architectural Decisions: a Web-based Tool
    Dan Tofan and Matthias Galster
  • Analyzing Software Architectural Relations through Interactive Visual Support
    Taimur Khan, Shah Rukh Humayoun, Henning Barthel, Achim Ebert and Peter Liggesmeyer
  • Demonstration of Model-driven Performance Prediction of Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems of Systems
    Marianne Rieckmann, Daniel Fraser, Vanea Chiprianov, Claudia Szabo and Katrina Falkner
  • Deploy-DDS: Tool Framework for Supporting Deployment Architecture of Data Distribution Service based Systems
    Turgay Çelik, Ömer Köksal and Bedir Tekinerdogan
16:00-17:30 Research Panel: Assessing the Return on Twenty Years of Software Architecture Research (HS1)

  • Ivica Crnkovic, Professor in Software Engineering, Mälardalen University, Sweden
  • Tomi Männistö – Professor of Software Engineering at Helsinki University, Finland
  • Matthias Riebisch, Professor in Software Engineering and Construction Methods, University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Danny Weyns – Professor of Computer Science at Linnaeus University, Sweden


09:00-10:30 Architecture Analysis & Verification (Session Chair: Flavio Oquendo)

  • How Do Software Architects Specify and Validate Quality Requirements?
    Andrea Caracciolo, Mircea Filip Lungu and Oscar Nierstrasz
  • Recommending Refactorings to Re-establish Architectural
    Sebastian Herold and Matthias Mair
  • A Consistency Framework for Dynamic Reconfiguration in AO-Middleware Architectures
    Bholanathsingh Surajbali, Paul Grace and Geoff Coulson
  • Generating EAST-ADL Event Chains from Scenario-Based Requirements Specifications
    Thorsten Koch, Jörg Holtmann and Julien DeAntoni
Enterprise Applications and Cloud Architectures (Session Chair: Elisa Yumi Nakagawa)

  • Architecture Strategies for Cyber-Foraging: Preliminary Results from a Systematic Literature Review
    Grace Lewis, Patricia Lago and Giuseppe Procaccianti
  • Adapting Enterprise Architecture at a Software Development Company and the Resultant Benefits
    Jan Werewka, Dariusz Pitulej and Krzysztof Jamróz
  • Interoperability-Related Architectural Problems and Solutions in Information Systems: A Scoping Study
    Hadil Abukwaik, Dieter Rombach and Davide Taibi
11:00-12:30 Architecture Description Languages (Session Chair: Rainer Weinreich)

  • Using Policies for Handling Complexity of Event-Driven Architectures
    Tobias Freudenreich, Stefan Appel, Sebastian Frischbier and Alejandro P. Buchmann
  • Architecture-Based Code Generation: From π–ADL Architecture Descriptions to Implementations in the Go Language
    Everton Cavalcante, Flavio Oquendo and Thais Batista
  • Layered Connectors: Revisiting the Formal Basis of Architectural Connection for Complex Distributed Systems
    Amel Bennaceur and Valérie Issarny
SOA (Session Chair: Tomi Männistö)

  • Service Development and Architecture Management for an Enterprise SOA
    Thomas Kriechbaum, Georg Buchgeher and Rainer Weinreich
  • Integrating Service Matchers into a Service Market Architecture
    Marie Christin Platenius, Steffen Becker and Wilhelm Schäfer
  • Towards a Process to Design Architectures of Service-Oriented Robotic Systems
    Lucas Bueno Ruas Oliveira, Elena Leroux, Katia Romero Felizardo, Flavio Oquendo and Elisa Yumi Nakagawa
  • Scalable Architectures for Platform-as-a-Service Clouds: Performance and Cost Analysis
    Huanhuan Xiong, Frank Fowley, Claus Pahl and Niall Moran
13:30-15:00 Reference Architectures and Novel Application Domains (Session Chair: Danny Weyns)

  • fUML-driven Design and Performance Analysis of Software Agents for Wireless Sensor Network
    Luca Berardinelli, Antinisca Di Marco and Stefano Pace
  • Towards an Improved Stakeholder Management for Software Reference Architectures
    Samuil Angelov and Rich Hilliard
  • RA-Ubi: a Reference Architecture for Ubiquitous Computing
    Carlos Alberto Machado, Eduardo Silva, Thais Batista, Jair Leite and Elisa Yumi Nakagawa
  • Towards a Coordination-Centric Architecture Metamodel for Social Web Applications
    Juergen Musil, Angelika Musil and Stefan Biffl
Quality Attributes & Refactoring (Session Chair: Henry Muccini)

  • Runtime Enforcement of Dynamic Security Policies
    José Miguel Horcas, Mónica Pinto and Lidia Fuentes
  • Architectural Support for Model-Driven Performance Prediction of Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems of Systems
    Vanea Chiprianov, Katrina Falkner, Claudia Szabo and Gavin Puddy
  • Safety Perspective for Supporting Architectural Design of Safety-Critical Systems
    Havva Gülay Gürbüz, Bedir Tekinerdogan and Nagehan Pala Er
  • Effort Estimation for Architectural Refactoring to Introduce Module Isolation
    Fatih Öztürk, Erdem Sarili, Hasan Sözer and Bariş Aktemur